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  1. Looking Forward

    Importance of NP Grades

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am a new NP student, in a combined MSN/DNP program. I plan to deliver primary care in an underserved rural community where I have some ties. In addition, after I graduate in four years, I may want to look i...
  2. Looking Forward

    Importance of NP Grades

    So I am curious how important, if at all, NP school grades are? I assume that they have some importance for NPs that want to get into a competitive DNP program. And also for DNP graduates that want to pursue tenure track appointments in academia. But...
  3. Looking Forward

    Johns Hopkins DNP FNP Fall 2021

    Hello all, Does anyone know how many students JHU admits for the FNP DNP each year, and whether they will expand the number this year? And are they evenly split between 3 year and 4 year? By the way, I was recently interviewed. Admissions ...