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Duke vs. Johns Hopkins DNP--Family Practice


Hello, I have researched both of these programs pretty thoroughly, using their websites and email questions with the respective admissions offices. Both offer distance-based DNP--Family Practice programs, with periodic on-campus visits. Tuition is almost identical (very expensive) at both schools. 

I am having difficulty seeing many significant distinctions. I think I already have a pretty good handle on Durham vs. Baltimore. I was curious if anyone had insights/opinions regarding their respective pluses and minuses? I am particularly interested in any comments regarding the quality of their offerings, educational experiences and reputations with students and employers.

Thank you.  


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I really wouldn't worry about comparing 2 schools that have good reputations. Both of these are top 20 in the nation. The biggest questions you should be concerned with are: 

What does the clinical capstone involve? 

Are you placed or do you have to find clinical sites?

Besides, if you apply you might not get into both. The rest is peanuts as being a good practitioner is based on what you do after you get your degree.

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matthewandrew, NP

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I live in the West Coast so this is my perspective. Although it doesn’t really matter, I feel like Johns Hopkins is a more recognizable institution. There are more factors involved of course but that’s all up to you. Keep advancing the profession!