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  1. ree1810

    Sheridan practical nursing 2020 Summer/fall

    aah cool cool! thanks for the reply!! how many hours would u say u study for school a week? A lot of people say nursing school is hard, and I have never been to college before so im quite nervous about the workload.
  2. ree1810

    Sheridan practical nursing 2020 Summer/fall

    oh thats awesome to hear! I will be starting the same program next Spring ahaha quite nervous but excited to start! question; how is the dress code there for labs? also do u know the dress code for clinicals? ooh that’s interesting! I met some of the teachers/program coordinators at the virtual open house a month ago and they were really nice! very excited to start 🙂
  3. Hey everyone! I got an email from George Brown College to do an interview for their Jan 2021 intake. I was wondering for the people who have already took the Practical Nursing online interview, what were the questions like? I have already done a lot of practice questions and am also wondering if the question they ask will be the same in the actual interview? Thanks in advance!