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  1. anne1014

    Concordia College ABSN 2020

    Not that I know of yet and nope
  2. Hi,

    I saw your post in the NYU ABSN Spring 2021 group about not attending NYU for an accelerated program. I was just wondering if you had heard anything about concordias program?

    1. nell2125


      I had one friend that went there but she never told me much. Pace is very good. Mount saint vincent is not the best program also but it is affordable my friend is there and it is better than NYU. PACE IS AMAZING BECAUSE IT IS 3 semesters 20k each. My teacher from NYU sent her son there, that says a lot LOL. NYU gets people on their names. Jobs don't care about that, connections and networking is what matters. NYU graduates huge cohorts of 250 plus kids every semester they care less about the student and more about the money