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ERRN20 has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Nursing.

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  1. Desperately Need to Vent

    I am assuming that you are working in an ED correct? If so, I would have told the physician that if he needs that urgent of an update on a patients status he could have gone to the patients bedside and assessed them himself rather than pulling you aw...
  2. Orientation Lengths

    Just curious to see the lengths of orientation for other ERs out there, and how they have their nurses progress throughout orientation. Our orientation for our new grads is 16 weeks, and orientation for experienced nurses is 12 weeks. Does this seem ...
  3. CEN prep

    Hello, I have recently been looking into studying for the CEN exam. I bought the book endorsed by ENA, but was also hoping for some suggestions for good question banks to gauge my readiness. Hoping that someone who may have recently taken the ...