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newnursemoon is a ADN, RN and specializes in PCU.

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  1. Code Status- DNR After Resuscitation

    Asystole. Chest compressions intubation, somehow she came back in 25 min
  2. Code Status- DNR After Resuscitation

    Lap is legally authorized person, so someone who makes the decisions when the pt can’t. the son said the wife reminded him that the pt is a DNR.
  3. Code Status- DNR After Resuscitation

    No form present at all. Chart wasn’t flagged, nothing listed this pt as DNR
  4. Code Status- DNR After Resuscitation

    You’re exactly right. I reported the incident and the MD, the hospital supervisor is weighing options now. This wasn’t OK and I’m riddled with anxiety and guilt.
  5. Code Status- DNR After Resuscitation

    OK well this shift was a doozy. So at 1835, another nurse called a code on my pt. She had been medically cleared for discharge for about 5 days, pt was pending placement at skilled nursing home. She was brought back quickly, but when I called the LAP...
  6. Venting.

    Yeah. Funnily enough now we’re up to 7 guys. 4 nurses scheduled on a packed floor, but the charge can’t take a team bc they have too much to do
  7. Venting.

    I found them with our CNA- the bed alarm went off and we both went in, that’s when I noticed there wasn’t a trach. I had 5 heavy pt that day, the other 4 included a respiratory distress pt who didn’t like the feeling of an o2 cannula or mask, a cance...
  8. Venting.

    Alright. My pt decannulated themselves today. She just pulled the trach out and was found sitting up O2 100% without it in. I called my charge/RT/pulm/attending immediately. Ended up they agreed to leave it out and see how she did. She continued to s...
  9. Bad shift after bad shift

    I guess I just need to rant. today I had 4 (they took my 5th which was my “stable” pt to give to a float nurse at 1100) patients that made up one hell of a heavy team. I work on a PCU floor My pt family was complaining that his gown and bed ...
  10. New Grad-ish. Need advice

    Hey! My manager... I haven’t had much experience with her (which I guess is good?), as she mostly comes into contact with us when there are issues. She does have the ability to block a transfer, which makes me nervous. Thanks for the reply!!
  11. New Grad-ish. Need advice

    Hey guys! I graduated in 2020 and I’ve been off orientation and in my own for about 2 months now. I work on a busy PCU floor and I love the work, but there’s a couple of things starting to weigh down on me. First off, I live hours away from my job. I...
  12. New Grad: I Feel Stupid

    I graduated in July of 2020, but due to health issues wasn’t able to apply/get a job until November of 2020. I’m in a PCU floor and am currently in week 5 of a 10 week training program. I absolutely hate it, but I’m in a contract where if I were to b...
  13. New grad orientation

    Hi guys! I start my new grad orientation at a PCU floor this week. I have sims and skills sessions scheduled for next week. My question is mostly what to expect? I never got a chance to practice IVs in school (thanks Covid); did y’all practice d...
  14. New Hire Physical

    Hi guys! I'm a new hire and go for my health assessment next Wednesday and was wondering what would it consist of? The HR woman who called me said that I need to bring proof of TB/immunizations and that I'll be fit tested but was wondering if ot...