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  1. whatintheworld

    Canadian New Grad seeking California Licensure

    call the BON and ask?
  2. whatintheworld

    Does anyone actually like working in the rehab unit?

    First I would stop answering the phone for them, your priority is the residents. The BON is not going to care that you let the phone ring.
  3. whatintheworld

    New DON

    I would start by meeting 1: 1 with all employees this way you know who you want to weed out. Start on one problem at at time. She if you can hire a nurse manager for the unit, an MDS nurse, an IC nurse and a staff development nurse to help you.
  4. whatintheworld

    Do pH nurses change their title to doctors?

    I don't know what is wrong with your family, most people who have a PhD go by "Dr", think Professors.
  5. whatintheworld

    Told I am not helpful

    I was told that the lnas say I don't help them enough but I was not told what l should be helping with. Any suggestions about how to be helpful
  6. whatintheworld

    The ridiculousness of LTC/SNF

    I still haven't figured out what a CMA is or why it is
  7. whatintheworld

    Work refuses call out?

    managers used to be helpful in those cases and some still are but not all
  8. whatintheworld

    Nurse Extern/Intership Program VS LNA job

    These opportunities are for are for RNs or GNs
  9. whatintheworld

    Work refuses call out?

    This happens were l work all the time, management not wanting to learn how to manage people
  10. this only works if you have good management many of us do not
  11. whatintheworld

    Why do RN's avoid LTC positions?

    I still think you should do a couple years medsurg first. Long term care is mostly for RNs who want management positions.
  12. the question is will unicorns be coming out of Binden's butt.
  13. No they really think he has a cure and everything is going to be OK now.
  14. whatintheworld

    Unhappy in a hateful work place

    6 months sounds good and I would tell the truth about why you left.
  15. whatintheworld

    Nurse associate

    What would you say to having nurse associates in long term care. We seem to have many lnas who want to be nurses, some already in school. They could do minor wound care apply creams and power. With Covid 19 on the rise, I think we may have to find...