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Older nurse, still learning, nursing is all I’ve ever done

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Abetterway has 40 years experience as a BSN and specializes in CCU,ICU, Neuro.

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  1. Abetterway

    Restraint use in ICU

    Our ICU uses wrist restraints on intubated patients, sedated and unsedated. Just this week a gentleman that could not even withdraw to pain, on or off sedation , had bilateral wrist restraints. I got them discontinued. What to do? We are in the last ...
  2. Abetterway

    Is ICU worth the stress?

    I’ve worked in ICU for most of my career, from Neonatal ICU to Pediatric ICU (the hardest emotionally for me especially after I became a mother), even neuro ICU (very difficult families), and cardiovascular ICU and now for the last 12 or so years a M...
  3. Abetterway

    Today, I Will Kill Myself! | This Is My Story

    I’m so glad you shared this so honestly. Thank God for your friend Sheraine! I wanted to share a story about a young woman I knew. She was single, in her early 30s and was responsible for taking care of her mother and grandmother, who were ill. She a...
  4. Abetterway

    Help! Why is switching specialties so difficult?

    Absolutely keep trying to go into the specialty you want. That is one of the wonderful things about our profession, it is so varied. I went from PICU to neonatal over a 10 year period, then switched to adult ICU. I am so much happier with adult pati...