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Mary Pat has 1 years experience and specializes in RN.

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    Concerns with licensing in NYS and background

    K., Everly Thank you for the info! I'm new to this site and not sure how to send you a message directly but please send me an email if you can, msween726@gmail.com
  2. I am currently in nursing school in New York set to graduate in the Spring. I have a misdemeanor dui (happened in 2016 but was not settled until 2018) and a dwai (2013) I have since completed treatment and continued rehabilitation. This past Summer while staying with a friend in FL I was arrested for battery as I intervened on a fight between her her boyfriend. All charges were dropped but I believe it would still come up on a background check. I'm concerned that I have wasted my time in nursing school and will not be approved for my license. Does anyone have any advice or experience with something similar?