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  1. FTCC (Forsyth Tech) Spring 21

    So Forsyth Tech does not got be the credit hours, they just go by what grade you got. Also, if it all makes your feel better right now due to the COVID mandate many people are really thinking about it, due to every clinical facility requiring them fo...
  2. Forsyth Tech Spring 2021 Roll Call

    Which one are you going to? I’m wondering if we have to call or make an appointment!
  3. Forsyth Tech Spring 2021 Roll Call

    Has anyone went to get there drug screening!
  4. Forsyth Tech Spring 2021 Roll Call

    How do you do that?
  5. Forsyth Tech Spring 2021 Roll Call

    Have you gotten any emails regarding our registration session yet?
  6. FTCC (Forsyth Tech) Spring 21

    I confirmed my seat twice before I was able to see the letter and after I saw the letter LOL I was pissed! But it’s all good now
  7. FTCC (Forsyth Tech) Spring 21

    Are we suppose to get something after we confirm our seat in the program?
  8. FTCC (Forsyth Tech) Spring 21

    Yeah I had to open it through my phone I got in!! I confirm my seat!! Congratulations!!
  9. FTCC (Forsyth Tech) Spring 21

    I went on to confirm my seat LOL, even though I could open it.
  10. FTCC (Forsyth Tech) Spring 21

    So what did the document say, and how were you able to open it?
  11. FTCC (Forsyth Tech) Spring 21

    Did you email start like this Good afternoon, I want to apologize for the technical trouble you have experienced in trying to access your Spring ADN admission letter this week. With the assistance of our IT Help Desk, this issue was resolv...
  12. FTCC (Forsyth Tech) Spring 21

    At 330, but they are not working. You can’t open the document once again
  13. FTCC (Forsyth Tech) Spring 21

    Yes and it told me I have till Monday to confirm or decline my seat!