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  1. UPENN BSN MSN 2021

    Do you know at what point we apply for HRSA scholarships if we are interested? Is this something we apply to before we start a nursing program, or once we graduate? I found the website to be confusing...
  2. Villanova BSN EXPRESS 2021

    What is the scholarship essay supposed to touch on? The website just says to write an essay about why you should be considered for the scholarship...
  3. Villanova BSN EXPRESS 2021

    Spoke too soon...I just got my acceptance letter. So excited!
  4. Villanova BSN EXPRESS 2021

    Has anybody that applied for the October deadline heard back with a decision yet? I was hoping we would hear by this week.
  5. Emory ABSN+MSN 2020

    Does anyone know if you are accepted to the Pre-Licensure + MSN program 'early decision' can you decide not to attend and go somewhere else instead? Note sure if this early decision is similar to applying to undergrad.
  6. Villanova BSN EXPRESS 2021

    I had my interview interviewer said the committee is meeting this Friday, so I would think decisions would go out early next week.