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  1. Arizona Board of Nursing ATT

    Hey everyone! I have been in contact with the AZBN as I graduated from an LPN program in May and applied for my license the end of April. They are stating they are backlogged and an "unprecedented" number of graduates applied for licenses. I k...
  2. Hello! I was wondering if anyone has the syllabus for NUR160PN or NUR180PN? I’m applying for the program and just curious what all is covered because I like to get a head start ? thanks!
  3. Hello, I’m planning on taking NUR158 next semester at Glendale Community College. I’m trying to find someone who’s taken the class at one of the Maricopa Community Colleges to find out a little about books, uniforms, clinicals, etc. I’m still waiting...
  4. Hi guys, I am new to nursing altogether as I have worked in accounting for years. I just registered for the NUR158 evening class at GateWay CC for Spring 2021. I’m wondering if anyone else has taken it and if so, what was it like and how did clinical...
  5. Gateway Fast Track LPN Spring 2021

    Congrats! Did you take the CNA class at Gateway? If so, how was it? Just trying to gain some insight because I’m taking it next semester and I’m nervous LOL
  6. Gateway Fast Track LPN Spring 2021

    Hey all, I am registering for the CNA class here in the next few days. Then applying for the LPN program. I work full time and am going to the evening CNA class. Did anyone else do this? Was it difficult? Any help appreciated, thank you!