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Hey everyone!

I have been in contact with the AZBN as I graduated from an LPN program in May and applied for my license the end of April.  They are stating they are backlogged and an "unprecedented" number of graduates applied for licenses.  I know they get enrollment numbers at the beginning of each school's programs but whatever not my rant.  They have a 30-day time frame on their website which has long come and gone and they are stating 10 weeks minimum now.  I know they start with advanced practice nurses and work their way down, so I'm wondering if anyone (NP, RN, or LPN) has gotten their authorization to take the NCLEX yet if they graduated in May 2022. 

Thank you!


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I am in the same boat. I graduated from my RN program end of April 2022 and registered April 21st. I have called and emailed them and they have told me the same thing, 10 weeks. Well 10 weeks has already come and still nothing. The last activity on my account was from May 31st which checked off my "Citizenship/Lawful Presence." The last thing I need checked off is my "Primary State of Residence" before I can get my ATT. I called them at least once or twice a week and they tell me the same excuse. So much for the nursing shortage.