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  1. Missouri State University CRNA 21

    Has anyone started a FB page for the 2021 cohort?
  2. CRNA interview questions (Midwestern University)

    Awesome! Whoever applies to MW will be very thankful for this information.
  3. Best Study for NCLEX? Cant afford.....

    Quizlet! It's FREE! Thousands of questions! You're welcome!
  4. I want to apologize to my instructor. Please help me.

    I'm curious to know what question got you so fired up? And why would your teacher cry? As for your cohort, I wouldn't worry about that. You've done all you can do by apologizing to your teacher. Hopefully, she understands and forgets about it. Otherw...
  5. Arkansas State University CRNA 2021

    Check your email. They just sent the "official" offer of acceptance to mine. Now I have to decide before the deadline...ugh!
  6. Saint Mary’s Minnesota CRNA

    I just wanted to add that it's not uncommon for some programs to only ask 2-3 questions. They have lots of people to interview, and can generally get a good feel of who you are as a person in that short amount of time. If you don't get accepted, emai...
  7. Biochemistry Degree for CRNA?

    This is hilarious! Although I wouldn't recommend this advice, it would make you an outstanding applicant OP.
  8. Missouri State University CRNA 21

    Yes, I did. I PM'd you btw. Hopefully more of our classmates will show up in here.
  9. UTC CRNA 2021

    Don't take it personal. They're interviewing so many applicants - It is what it is unfortunately. Look on the bright side, if you get accepted, and are from TN, you'll only pay like 40k for the whole program.
  10. Arkansas State University CRNA 2021

    No problem! Glad I can help. They just said it will be a DNP (no more MSN) cohort tentatively starting May 21. They are accepting 30 students, and there'll be 2 rounds of interviews this year.
  11. Arkansas State University CRNA 2021

    Looks like I'll be the only one sharing my interview experience ?. It was nothing but personal questions. "Describe how you study?" "Do you deal with stress in a professional manner?" "How have you prepared for this journey?" ...
  12. Arkansas State University CRNA 2021

    Had two friends do it. One did it through the Air Force, and he likes it so far. The other did the Army Reserves and regrets it. I didn't go into details with him, but he said he owes the army like 8-10 yrs if I'm not mistaken. He said it was nice to...
  13. Tired of the Fluff

    Well, what did the teacher end up letting you do? Don't leave us hanging.
  14. New to PACU (looking for tips/advice)

    I was offered a gig in the PACU unit at the VA after I graduated from nursing school. It was the chillest job ever. Sadly, I had to turn it down for an ICU gig. I wanted to go the CRNA route, and the PACU wasn't going to get me there unfortunately.
  15. From SICU to BICU and I'm so bored!

    Are you on the step-down side of the burn unit? I never got bored when I worked on the ICU side of the burn unit.
  16. Hemodynamics in Burn Unit

    You'll become an expert in the risks of Fluid Under- and Over-resuscitation in Burn Patients. You'll want to avoid hypovolemia, but also avoid ARDS which can occur with over fluid resuscitation.
  17. OR to Burn Unit? Please advise

    The BURN and Surgical Unit were my fav. You'll learn so much. Hope you get this!
  18. Any Arkansas State University 2020 CRNA applicants?

    Is it a one bedroom apt? Are we just taking over your lease? $420 plus the ASU tuition is starting to sound more and more enticing. Hi 123, Did your ex like the program? Were the teachers supportive? Any info can share would be helpful.
  19. Not picking up shifts and feeling guilty

    In my experience, the more shifts you pick up, the more they'll expect from you, and then get mad after you tell them no. It's a no win situation. Just do what you can do, and leave it at that. Like one poster said, it's better to work some shifts th...
  20. CCRN Barrons book

    All I am going to say is Barron's was the only resource I used to pass my CCRN. I felt it prepared me very well for that exam. I did try that Laura Gasparis DVD, but turned it off after the first 30 mins.
  21. ER to ICU?

    Has to be your location. In my area, they'll hire anyone to work ICU right now. Especially with Covid.
  22. Nursing as a twenty one year old hispanic male

    Go TRAVEL out West (Cali, Nevada, etc.). You'll make tons of money, and have a good time doing it. You're welcome!
  23. Clinical Med Math works for nursing students, here's why...

    Looks to be helpful. Especially with most RN programs requiring 100% pass rate on dosage calculations exams.
  24. Classmates who cheat

    I agree!
  25. When should I start studying UWorld?

    It's never too early to start doing questions. I started doing UWorld a year before I graduated. Ended up passing NCLEX with 75 questions in about 80 mins. For me, UWorld was way more difficult than NCLEX. I left NCLEX knowing I had passed. But every...