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    Hello all! I am an American nurse (RN) working in the Operating Room in the U.S. I have been a nurse and working in the OR for 2 years. (I have a BSN). (I have worked only in the OR- no other nursing units). Also, I have completed my MSN in nurs...
  2. Thinking of leaving OR for OB (L&D) ?

    Hi all, I work in the OR, but have been thinking about trying out OB L&D (labor and delivery) . I'd like to expand and diversify my nursing skills and learn more about OB and women's health/ L&D. Just a few questions I had:...
  3. OR Nursing.. What is it like?

    Thank you! I will take a look!
  4. CNE.. To take or Not to take?

    Hi, I am in my final semester of my MSN Nurse Education program. I am considering taking the CNE exam... but not sure if it will be worth the cost of test, and the months I will use studying for it.? I have heard it is a difficult exam. ...
  5. OR Nursing.. What is it like?

    Hi I am a new grad and looking for some ideas of what is like working in the OR? I have really enjoyed clinical time in OR but I am curious to hear from those who have worked there and what is it like? It is a stressful environment? And is it a good ...