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    Hello, I have something embarrassing I really need advice on. I’m going to just be completely honest here. I had an addiction to pills and have been in treatment With suboxone. I went off treatment to try and Just be clean and was doing well. Well I worked at a nursing home and a resident and I developed a friendship and talked on messagener on facebook (I realize how being friends with a resident like this was a huge mistake) somehow we got to talking about pills and I don’t know... anyways I have some texts being leaked. An employee got fired and was very bitter and thought I told on her (which I didn’t but she’s out for revenge on many people) and she’s friends with this resident. She decided to leak the messages to my bosses boss. My boss has always had my back but since they were leaked to the hire ups they have to report me to the BON. The texts are bad. They say stuff like talking about how much he would sell his pills and it basically shows intent of me buying them. I do realize I have dug myself a huge whole and have been in a huge depression over this. I just wanna know if you guys things these messages will hold up against me? There’s a few messages and they span over a two month period from like feb-April so they are kinda old. I’m pretty sure all these have against me is his word and these text messages. I was drug tested there and always negative. I have a lawyer. My boss called me yesterday to update me that the BON is still gathering all the information they need and I will probably except a call from them soon. What do you guys think will happen? Will I get a criminal charge? Lose my license permanently, or for two years? Will they say it’s not enough evidence or be generous because I am in treatment? I resigned at that job and currently work at a new job but I know I will prob have action against me soon. Any advice is welcome.... 😞 Since that happen I am back in treatment t and have been doing well. This incident happened like sept 3rd?