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HandyMandiRN has 13 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Certified Pediatric Nurse/Novice Nurse Educator.

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  1. Hello fellow graduate and post-graduate nurses, So I graduated last December with my MSN in Nursing Education at UTMB. I knew I wanted to teach nursing about 10 years ago and after several tries, I finally finished my program...then COVID happened. Needless to say, any chance of finding even an adjunct position for a brand new educator is hopeless. So I'm going on 10 months of not breaking in or using my degree, because schools and even my own hospital want you to have the degree to be able to "officially" teach, and I'm starting to get anxious that all my focus and research I did will just go to waste without the experience to back it up. So I start looking into DNP programs in nursing education or nursing leadership because well, eventually you need the doctorate to work at any university in the long run. The idea scares me, the cost scares me, the stress as a single mother and full time bedside nurse scares me...but I'm motivated, my passion is teaching, and I love research. EXCEPT...I can't find a single MSN-DNP program that accepts non-APRN masters prepared nurses. Even the ONE MSN-DNP Nursing Education program that focuses on academic leadership and curriculum development won't take an MSN in Nursing Education degree. I either have to be an NP, certified midwife, clinical nurse specialist, or nurse anesthetist. So I checked out the school I graduated from and they won't even accept their own MSN-NE degree into their DNP program. Had I taken the CNL track, they would accept me, but the only difference in any of the programs is the program specific courses and clinical hours. We ALL had to have adv. patho, adv. pharm, adv. assessment, adv. nursing theory, and adv. research. But nope...the NE alumni does not qualify as a future DNP student. They said I could "transfer" into the CNL or other APRN program, but only 12 credits would be accepted...EVEN THE ONES I TOOK AT THEIR SCHOOL! It just doesn't make any sense. So what does one do in my position? I can't find work as an academic nurse educator and I can't find a school to accept my graduate degree to gain more research experience and qualifications. I can look at actual PhD programs in education or psychology that last way longer and eventually cost way more, but then I fear it dilutes my nursing background. I really feel like I messed up by pursuing my NE degree first. 😞