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  1. I am currently, looking into applying in the near future to Chamberlain University of Sacramento, but am nervous to apply with a GPA around 3.0-3.2. I say near future because I need to achieve that GPA first before I apply. The website says the benchmark is a 3.0, but administration says a 3.4 and higher is what they typically accept. The school also requires a HESI exam score in the 80's and a passion letter. From what I have researched these are the keys to getting into the program despite GPA. My question is, Has anyone ever been accepted with lower than the 3.4? and if the HESI and passion letter helped them get in with the lower GPA?
  2. Currently, I find myself in quite the pickle. As of Fall 2020 I have finished all my pre-req courses, csu requirements, and general ED. My GPA as of right now is a 2.8 and I really need it to just hit that 3.3 to be competitive for the particular program I am looking into. I already have one retake in A/P part 1 and received a C. Part 2 an A, and Micro C, Chemistry C (my other pre-reqs I received B's).I'm not sure if retaking any of these courses will look so hot on my transcript when I apply, so I was thinking of taking a nursing related course that I am confident I can pass with an A. It's a basic CNA class that can most likely boost my GPA. I still need to take a fitness course to finish one of my AA's and I know that will be an easy A as well. Is something like those courses recommended to boost a GPA? or should I retake some of those science courses?
  3. Leilani21

    ADN vs BSN

    Currently, I am enrolled in a community college and recently just finished all of my pre-nursing courses, including CSU requirements, as well as accomplishing two associate degrees. One in Allied Health, and Interdisciplinary Mathematics and Biological Sciences. I live in California and have always struggled with having a lower GPA (2.8 as of right now). A little history of myself as a student is that I've always struggled in school with test taking (my main concern), but somehow have made it this far. I have been in a CC for almost 4 years because I dug my self in a very deep whole when I was fresh out of high school a couple years ago and I have worked hard to get my GPA up and focus on my goals. I am 22 right now and feel like I am just super behind and need to get the dice rolling, but it's almost like there's always something I have to do in order to get my GPA up. I do understand that I made the bed that I lye in, so I have to just work harder and fix it. I transferred community colleges even though I finished everything there is for me to do, because my current school does not allow me to retake any C's, which are mainly bringing my GPA down. At the new school I transferred to it's almost certain that with the classes I retake (if I get an A or B) that I can obtain an 3.3 GPA. Although, that's not competitive for California I am flexible to moving out of state to lower GPA schools. I have been looking into states that have BSN-RN programs such as Reno, Texas, Tennessee, and even private institutions. At the new community college I am at now, I noticed they had an ADN- RN program with a paid bridge program for my BSN after I graduate. Although, that sounds like a pretty awesome deal with a reasonable GPA, acceptance rate, and graduation rate. I'm not sure if I am just cutting myself short here. The goal has always been to jump straight into my BSN-RN, but by the looks of my grades and the type of student I am a ADN might be easier for me to accomplish first. My question is, is will an ADN program be more successful for a student like me and my lower GPA even though I will eventually have a 3.3-3.4 verses possibly getting into a BSN program out of state? Also, is an ADN program easier than a BSN? Not trying to seek an easy way out, but I am curious.