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  1. Hi everyone... I feel actually kinda pathetic for writing this but.. I’m one week away from finishing my 12 week orientation on a busy med/tele floor... & one thing I can take away from it is that I am miserable. I take work home with me everyday. I can definitely say my entire life I have ALWAYS been a laid back, go with the flow person... & I usually always stick it out, even when things get really hard for me. Fast forward to now- I’m having extreme panic attacks. My anxiety is truly through the roof. The hospital setting isn’t new to me, either. I worked as a tech for two years on this same floor & was just fine until I became a nurse. My managers really want me to stay. My coworkers are pretty supportive people. Overall the staff isn’t horrible by ANY means but I feel truly so burned out and I’m not even off orientation yet... looking into clinic nursing at a derm office because I myself have struggled with my skin for years and feel like I would really be passionate about helping those with skin issues... but I have this feeling that I’m selling myself short by not sticking out atleast a year on my current floor. I know I’m very capable but I might seriously lose my sanity... I am an extremely task oriented person & I feel like office nursing would fit that part of me well. If anyone has any advice/ words of wisdom/ etc I would love to hear it. I am just a tired new nurse not knowing where to turn.