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  1. New nurse leaving hospital for office job.. advice?

    Hey there- any updates? I’d love to hear about your experience! Considering switching to an office setting as a new grad as well. I love the staff I work with, though. That’s really the only thing that keeps me at the job.
  2. New grad nurse advice

    Hi there- I’m in a very similar situation. I was prescribed escitalopram (Lexapro) and it seems like it has helped. I definitely still have anxiety, but not tunnel-vision, out of breath, unable to function anxiety. I’m still considering leaving...
  3. New Nurse Feeling Miserable and Defeated...

    I can relate to everything above. I work thirds on a med tele floor. I get great feedback from my preceptor. I’m not off orientation yet. I am too interested in OB but have doubts that I would be a confident nurse in OB having next to no experience w...
  4. Hi everyone... I feel actually kinda pathetic for writing this but.. I’m one week away from finishing my 12 week orientation on a busy med/tele floor... & one thing I can take away from it is that I am miserable. I take work home with me ev...