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    Lpn to ADN alternate status

    Hello, I was recently placed on an alternate list for my lpn to RN program at a local community college. I'm feeling discouraged, and would like to hear from others. Based off the school's requirements I'm qualified, even with experience. The only thing I could think of as to why I did not technically make it is their lpn program has up to 40 seats and their bridge program also allows up to 20.. That is a huge gap for outsiders to have a chance, given that their lpn get first pick. This is a community college in a somewhat rural area so not that many other schools near there. I'm #1 on the waitlist so that is just one person that decides this may not be the best time to continue on. When I reached out to the school to reserve my spot she was able to tell me that most everyone has responded to accept. It just makes me feel like I'm not good enough and honestly I'm embarrassed because everyone at my work keeps asking if I have heard back. I know it is hard to say if a spot will open up but has anyone been in this position? The schools accepts around 20 and I believe they had around 4 alternates. At this point it is just a waiting game and I feel like IV been pushed under the rug. Ahh