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Lpn to ADN alternate status

by anna halloway anna halloway (New) New Nurse


I applied to a lpn to ADN program. I recently was told that I was put on the alternate list. I was ranked 2# but the first declined her position so I was bumped to first. This is so frustrating because I know I'm qualified, as I'm sure other are as well . My GPA for one school was 4.0 and the other 3.75. I started out as a caregiver, CNA, then Lpn. So I have experience. Anyway.. My thing is because I was placed as an alternate I feel like I have been pushed under the rug. I responded promptly to reserve my spot and had a couple follow up questions. The Director never responded so I emailed student resources, she did not respond, so I emailed again. I wanted to know on average in the previous years have they pulled from the alternate list and is there anything I could have done better to improve my odds. They accept up to 30 but their outcome year report has stayed around 20. Their website makes it seem like they strongly push their lpn to con. through their bridge program. Which I figured what a given.  Of that note, the lpn program accepts 40, so that is a huge gap for outsiders. Anyway my nerves are through the roof. I wanted to hear from other nurses or non nurse in this position... The school is in a somewhat rural area so not many other schools around. What are my chances of getting in if only 20-24 students are let in? I'm number one so that is just one student that decides they can not move forward. The response from the school was vague if they pull from the alternate list in the past. I know some may still be taking classes, have to take drug test, etc. It is basically a waiting game and I'm left in the dark. Id like to prepare as much as possible if I do get in but the school did not say anything about what to do. Ahhh

If they were vague there is a reason.  Don't push it.  As you said, this is a rural area and you don't want to put a bad taste in the mouths of the wrong people.  You say you want to know what to do to improve your chances.  Well, what do you think you should do, considering the criteria used for selection?

That is just it based on their requirements I'm qualified. Like I said my GPA is up there. I mean that in a humble way. It is competitive but not Harvard. Most schools that offer lpn programs and RN bridge programs it seems lpn get first pick. The fact that this school has a huge gap in how many they can accept from each program says one thing. Not sure what else I could have done honestly. Just praying one spot opens up. Fingers crossed!