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NurseMiss has 2 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Pediatrics, School Nursing.

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  1. NurseMiss

    New To School Nursing, No EHR

    Super great point!! Another thing on my list to talk about are a few safety concerns (that have already been spoken about and solved on a case-by-case basis but I believe should be implemented systematically). This is something where this data would absolutely be beneficial. While, as you said, I have a "gut feeling" -- I would also have the numbers to back me up.
  2. NurseMiss

    New To School Nursing, No EHR

    Thank you all SO much for your responses. I definitely understand the importance of student safety. I meant to add that in but got way ahead of myself, as always! What the administration uses currently, is something the founder of the program made himself. Which, props to him it's a lot, but none of it is nursing-related and it is difficult to navigate. I have a notebook started that lists everything I would like to bring up to administration during our meeting. This is my biggest topic. Again, thank you all so much! It is greatly appreciated. Yes!! My handwriting is HORRIBLE especially when I am writing quickly.
  3. NurseMiss

    New To School Nursing, No EHR

    Hi! I am new to school nursing. I work at a private school for children with ASD. The school I work for has never had an EHR for the nurse to use. Almost everything has been handwritten for the last decade by the previous nurses. Since receiving this job, I have brought up obtaining an EHR to use as that would make me feel much more comfortable with my documentation. My efforts have been unsuccessful as it is approaching the end of the school year and I am still charting on something I made up on Word. I have a meeting within the next few weeks to extend my contract for the Summer session and following school year. I am planning on bringing it up again. I was wondering if you all would be so kind as to give me your accounts on how helpful EHR's have been in your offices? Not to mention, how they have saved you in unfortunate times? My worst fear is losing my license due to not charting something correctly. As I mentioned, I am currently documenting on something I made up on Word that has the time in/out, student's name, chief complaint, sx noted, and treatment that is given. I print the paper(s) out at the end of the day, sign the bottom of each, hole punch them, and put them in a 3 ring binder that is in my locked drawer. I have previously needed to find documentation from months prior and had to go through every single piece of paper to find the one I needed. It took what seemed like forever. I am also horrified of losing a piece of paper or having something happen to the binder. If you can't already tell, I am a Nervous Nelly and I am sure that does not help the situation. I believe my charting is very thourough--maybe TOO thorough sometimes, but it still worries me. I just feel that I would be much more comfortable if I had an EHR. Thank you so much for reading. Please let me know your thoughts/experiences.