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  1. LucyWinter

    Houston Baptist University FNP

    First test next week so guess I’ll find out for G&D
  2. LucyWinter

    Houston Baptist University FNP

    I studied my *** off and could never get their damn questions right. I felt like none of it pertained to what was assigned study. let me just tell you.. I found the questions and answers online. They just get them from some website. Also look up quizlet. If they still let you take it twice then you can look more
  3. LucyWinter

    Houston Baptist University FNP

    Cohort 6 was same way! Self teaching is very difficult. The patho and pharm tests are easy to master if you know the right way.
  4. LucyWinter

    Houston Baptist University FNP

    Hey there guys.. I know this post was made loooong ago. I am in my third semester with HBU. I am currently enrolled in Advanced Health Assessment, growth and development, and Adavances diagnostics. I think this is absolutely too much at one time. Clinicals, at home studying, in person simulation, being a working single mom. I have found instructors to be less than helpful during advanced pharm. I feel instructors just aren’t doing much instructing. I think the 8 week courses would have been better. I am literally in information overload with these three courses and clinicals right now. application process was horrendous. Couldn’t get in touch with anyone. Obviously I got accepted but even after that my name was wrong on everything so even more difficult to get things taken care of. hoping someone here has some encouragement for getting through rest of the program.
  5. LucyWinter

    Texas Laws for those who call themselves nurse

    I’m an RN so I was trying to tell my friend they can’t go around just calling themselves a nurse.
  6. I know it’s illegal it work as nurse without a license, but is it illegal in Texas for someone to say they are a nurse without a license? Debate I’m trying to resolve with a friend of mine.

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