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  1. Jlove04

    Missing a bolus feeding

    Every 4 hours. The feeding was missed for 7 PM and the mother returned home at 8 PM
  2. Jlove04

    Missing a bolus feeding

    I work at a home health agency. I care for an infant who is almost two years old. A few weeks ago I had to skip the last bolus feeding of the day for this patient. This is because the patient wouldn’t remain calm and kept of fighting. I did everything including give her some toys for distraction and placing her in the high chair. None of my techniques worked including sitting her in the high chair which made her more combative. So, for the patient’s safety I missed the feeding to prevent aspiration which could have been caused by excessive motion if I continued with the feeding. Here is the thing. Another nurse who cares for the patient told me I should have never skipped the feeding. Rather, I should have done my best to make the patient compliant. I’m confused now because I thought I did the right thing to hold the feeding and notify the agency I work for. Plus, the patient was scheduled for a next feeding once her parent returned from work. Was I wrong for skipping the bolus feeding and should I have kept on attempting to feed the child? Also, do you think this can be used against me in terms of competency as a nurse?

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