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Kittycool has 2 years experience as a CNA and specializes in Home healthcare.

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  1. Honestly, since I have dual citizenship in another country way cheaper than here I was considering moving there to get back to my roots. There aren’t many people of my culture where I live and some become hostile when they hear my nationali...
  2. Kittycool

    Decided not to pursue RN, may leave nursing eventually

    Off topic a bit, but I read you went to job corp for your LVN? I was interested in the CNA to LVN route they offer, How was your experience there? How difficult was it to get into the LVN program? My local campus offers LVN at a partnered commun...
  3. I’m a new poster here, hope this is the correct way to post a question since this is a new format for me. I’m on my way to becoming an LVN in CA, and everyone is already pushing me to do my RN. I was able to get the LVN certific...