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  1. Chico State BSN Fall 2021

    if you took your TEAS and applied to the program with competitive points, Fall cohort applicants hear in May, Spring cohort applicants hear in December (usually). This is discounting waitlist students, though fewer and fewer students are enrolled off...
  2. Chico State BSN Fall 2021

    Application for the University under pre-nursing and application for the school of nursing itself are entirely separate. Typically you will complete your prerequisites between 2-3 years, though I've seen some as quick as 1.5. Once you have all that d...
  3. Chico State BSN Fall 2021

    As a graduate from the program, the way the school works is you can apply under any major, but ideally pre-nursing if you want to get into the impacted nursing program (40) students. I would say there is (on average) 200-400 applicants into our nursi...
  4. St. Joseph's Eureka New Grad RN Aug. 2020

    Congrats on your new job. So proud of you!