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    Martin Luther King Jr Community Hospital- New Grad

    Good afternoon I have a new Grad RN interview coming up, Can you guys give me some advice/tips or maybe sample interview questions? Very excited, nervous, and scared. is it a panel interview? one on one? thank you in advance.
  2. I took my NCLEX last Saturday 9/5 at 2 pm, during Labor day weekend. The computer shuts off at 60. I had 15ish SATA, 2 drag/drop, 1 exhibit, then multiple choices (prioritization, delegation, pharm, maternity, labs). No EKG, no math, no photos, and no audio questions. I was confident and calm after the exam since this wasn't my first time taking it. Also, in my past exams, I had more than 75 Qs and failed. I did not cry after this last exam because I felt really different about it. I don't want to do the PVT and Quick results ( super scared) I think I rather wait for my name to show up on the website. I know its a long weekend and we are in the middle of the pandemic, I don't know when do I get the results. I've been reading many forums and watching Youtube bout the NCLEX results (the COVID edition), which helps with my anxiety. I'm trying to be positive and hopeful about the results of my exam, but its NCLEX anything is possible. I don't want to fail again and I think my application expires already. Did any of you take the NCLEX this weekend? any results? how long is the wait? I also want to hear some of your NCLEX experiences if some of you passed or failed when the computer shuts off at 60. And tell me bout the stats of your questions look like. Thanks for reading my post, sorry I can't sleep so I decided to create an account and write a post. Have a wonderful evening.