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Residential Detox and Substance Abuse Treatment
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BornaNurse has 7 years experience and specializes in Residential Detox and Substance Abuse Treatment.

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    LVN-BSN Hybrid Pref in Los Angeles

    Thank you for this. I'm aware of the WGU program. They used to have one in the LA area but have closed it to new admissions. Thank you.
  2. Happy New Year! I have searched all over for a hybrid LVN-BSN program, preferably in Los Angeles. I am of course willing to relocate, however I need to continue working and I'm currently working full-time. I would also relocate to the Houston area, so that's definitely an option. I already have a bachelors degree, so I am eligible for accelerated or 2nd degree BSN programs as well. I'm also open to LVN-ASN. The issue is I have to continue working. Any helpful information you can provide is much appreciated. Please only provide regionally accredited programs. Thanks so much in advance!