Chamberlain University, Pearland campus Evening/Weekend program


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Hi everyone, 

I've applied to Chamberlain University School Of Nursing, Pearland campus for the September '22 cohort. They offer an evening/weekend program which will allow me to continue working. 

My HESI score was 83.29%, I'm also a LVN, and already have a bachelors and master's degrees in other fields. My undergrad GPA is just below a 3.0, I had a 3.0 in my Vocational Nursing program and same for my master's degree. 

I'm just wondering what my chances are of getting into the Chamberlain University, Pearland campus? Any thoughts are welcome. My admissions advisor seemed very positive but of course now I'm stressed out. 

Thanks again everyone!


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Did you get accepted? I'm an LVN. Did your LVN nursing credits get transferred?


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Hi, hope all is well -  Im just curious, did Chamberlain  asked for your unofficial/official transcript for the BSN program?

And can you give us an update on how you're doing with the program? Thank you! ☺️