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NurseRH20 has 7 years experience as a LPN.

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    Employer Narcotic Restriction

    Hello all, I recently enrolled with TNPAP in Tennessee. Initially I thought I would have a narcotics restriction, but I do not per my TNPAP agreement. When I returned to work, my employer told me I would have to work day shift and that my access to narcotics would be restricted even though I do not have a restriction on my TNPAP agreement. Can they do this? It’s making me very depressed and I feel so embarrassed now after working so hard through my recovery and enrolling in TNPAP. I never diverted meds, never abused prescription drugs, never got into legal issues with law enforcement, and never had any work issues related to substance abuse or suspected substance abuse. I simply sought help because I had an addiction and wanted to prevent all of that from happening and now I feel like my employer is trying to make things harder by mandating unnecessary restrictions that TNPAP does not even deem necessary. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.