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Employer Narcotic Restriction

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Hello all, 

I recently enrolled with TNPAP in Tennessee. Initially I thought I would have a narcotics restriction, but I do not per my TNPAP agreement. When I returned to work, my employer told me I would have to work day shift and that my access to narcotics would be restricted even though I do not have a restriction on my TNPAP agreement. Can they do this? It’s making me very depressed and I feel so embarrassed now after working so hard through my recovery and enrolling in TNPAP. I never diverted meds, never abused prescription drugs, never got into legal issues with law enforcement, and never had any work issues related to substance abuse or suspected substance abuse. I simply sought help because I had an addiction and wanted to prevent all of that from happening and now I feel like my employer is trying to make things harder by mandating unnecessary restrictions that TNPAP does not even deem necessary. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. 

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Sour Lemon

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I'm not in your state, but generally, employers can restrict anyone from doing anything. I've worked at a few places where registry staff is not allowed to pull narcotics, for example ...or LPNs are restricted from charting assessments, despite the fact that their license allows them to do so.

I suppose your employer is being self-protective, just as you are ...and trying to avoid potential problems, just like you are. Maybe it would help to frame it that way in your mind?

If this is an employer and job well-known to you and good in other ways, you may want to stick it out. If not, you could put a few applications out and see who  bites.



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Am a little late here - could this just be intended as  a short term arrangement?