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    Neglect: I was educated as a nurse, diploma only as my education was interrupted by family. Rotated all through the hospital in late 1980's. Hard worker, didn't take any shortcuts. Learned a lot about many termed diseases over the 8 years as a clinical RN. Worked in Cardiovascualar Surgical ICU for 2 years before I left to start a family. Fast forward 6 years, married an MD, had 5 pregnancies in 5 yrs with 4 csections and 4 full term births. Suffered from postpartum depression and almost died by the age of 40, from burnout. I also was a caregiver for both parents with cancer for 18yrs while being a stay at home nurse. It took 50yrs for me to figure out after seeing 100's of MD's that nursing did not educate me on mineral and nutritional deficiciencies and food toxicity. I have recovered twice from acute pancreatitis, even though I was a very light drinker. My weakness sweets. My 4 children all with food allergies and intolerances and some delays. I loved my experience and education as a nurse, but have to overcome that I was not educated in understanding the functional body, only the ill consequences of poor habits. To all who are practicing nursing I give you kudos. Not sure if I'll reconnect with a license at this time. Stay safe and find good things to carry you through the day. Thank you for your service.