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    Passed NCLEX After Failing

    I wanted to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you for getting your license. and I also wanted to say an even bigger THANK YOU for posting this. I have been having issues in my personal life and have failed my NCLEX and feeling defeated. I have since taken a break and I am now back to studying and reading your post gives me hope and life that I CAN AND WILL pass this and become the nurse I was meant to be.
  2. I'm reaching out to here for advice and/or suggestions or support. Backstory: It's been over 2 years since I graduated (Feb 2018) and I failed the boards shortly after I graduated (I was 8 months pregnant and had just lost my mother to stage 4 liver cancer so my mind wasn't all in it). Well...after learning I failed I was terrified to go back so I didn't go back and continued to study. Then a lot happened with relationships and other personal issues and now here I am September 2020 and haven't taken it again. Question: 1. Is it even possible to pass at this point or am I doomed? 2. I am TERRIFIED and don't know where to begin to get my mind back ready for it. 3. how can I pass? what helped yall that waited and took it 2+ years later? Sorry for my rant. I am terrified and probably mildly depressed and emotional at this point. This is my passion and I am amazing at patient care. I just suck at tests!