2 years since graduation and a failed attempt right after graduation

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I'm reaching out to here for advice and/or suggestions or support. 


It's been over 2 years since I graduated (Feb 2018) and I failed the boards shortly after I graduated (I was 8 months pregnant and had just lost my mother to stage 4 liver cancer so my mind wasn't all in it). Well...after learning I failed I was terrified to go back so I didn't go back and continued to study. Then a lot happened with relationships and other personal issues and now here I am September 2020 and haven't taken it again. 


1. Is it even possible to pass at this point or am I doomed?

2. I am TERRIFIED and don't know where to begin to get my mind back ready for it. 

3. how can I pass? what helped yall that waited and took it 2+ years later?


Sorry for my rant. I am terrified and probably mildly depressed and emotional at this point. This is my passion and I am amazing at patient care. I just suck at tests! 


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I knew a Very Smart Tele Tech on our cardiac floor who had the same issue. She had failed the NCLEX twice.  Do you have any type of learning disability or think that you may benefit from extra time on the test?  Is it test anxiety?  Please check with your primary care and/or therapist to chat about test taking anxiety and possible mind/body exercises that can help you relax. My son has ADHD and was given additional time to take his college entrance exams. I am thinking you may qualify for similar support.  I am sure that you have studied a lot, taken many practice tests, and did well in your nursing courses.  I hope any of this is helpful for you; I would also advise you to get a job at a hospital or clinic, so while you're waiting to take your test, you have your foot in the door at a facility for a prospective job when you DO pass the test, which I am very sure you will.  Also, you will be exposed to medical terminology and the "real world" of nursing if you are already working in such an environment.  Hugs to you from Denver;))

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