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BButterfly1993 ADN, BSN

ICU, Cath lab, Interventional Radiology
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BButterfly1993 has 3 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in ICU, Cath lab, Interventional Radiology.

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  1. BButterfly1993

    In a pickle

    I do not think you will be unhirable because nurses are needed everywhere. Some experience is better than no experience. I had to move states after 7months of being a new grad. The downside is that at the next hospital you will be starting all over. If I had a year of experience I wouldn’t have had to start at the bottom and work my way up. good luck!
  2. BButterfly1993

    Feeling lost in my nursing career

    I see it that way as well. I trusted that my release would be sooner, which is why I never applied to another position at a different hospital. Almost 2 weeks ago I received the notice that I had to stay for another 6 weeks. It has been extremely mentally and physically exhausting. I’ve been open about my struggles to upper management and HR but I get little response. I’ve had to seek out therapy due to postpartum depression and work situation. Thank you for your input!
  3. BButterfly1993

    Why are you an oncology nurse?

    Hello! I have been a nurse for 3 years with critical care experience. I have been interested in oncology nursing for a while. I do see a lot of oncology patients with interventional radiology as well. I wanted to know why you love oncology nursing and how long have you been in this specialty? What type of qualities (In your opinion) should a person have to work in oncology?
  4. BButterfly1993

    Coping with depression and my job

    Maybe you can split a shift with another nurse or a per diem nurse? Sometimes if I wanted a few extra hours I would team up with another nurse and plan on splitting the shift with them. It could help burnout as well.
  5. BButterfly1993

    Forced to Return to the Floor

    Can you volunteer to triage or screen nursing staff/visitors by taking their temperature instead? We used surgery nurses who did not want to return to the floor as COVID screeners. Maybe you can take control of the situation by volunteering instead of being voluntold?
  6. BButterfly1993

    Feeling lost in my nursing career

    Hello, I have been a nurse for 3 years with previous experience in ICU, cath lab, and Interventional radiology. I started in ICU straight out of nursing school and I have been doing critical care since then. I currently work 4 days /10hr shifts each week. Our cath lab is extremely short staffed and I have been forced to take 15-20 days of call each month. This obviously increases your chance of being called in for emergencies. Our patients have been extremely sick, requiring more nursing care on a skeleton crew. We have also been having really late cases, so I typically work 10-14hr shifts. Needless to say, I am completely burned out. I have a newborn at home which requires all my attention as soon as I walk through the door. I am exhausted, tired, and frustrated. Now that I have my son, a lot of my nursing career priorities have changed. I want to go back to 3 days /12hr shifts. I would like to cut back on call or eliminate it completely. Back in July I accepted a day surgery position but my current director will not release me to this unit until September due to how short our cath lab unit is. I am having a hard time managing my current nursing career since I am being pulled into many directions. My team members are giving me a hard time for changing units, my director is also acting different now, and my home life is also requesting so much of my energy. I am feeling lost within my nursing career because I feel like I want to step back from emergency medicine and having to react quickly...solo. Recently, I have become so bitter and angry at work. I have never EVER been like this before. It makes me wonder if it is my environment within my unit (It has a lot of issues) or just burnout. I have applied for a few other jobs including surgery and an oncology unit. I really miss 1 on 1 nursing and educating patients. I love talking to patients and feeling like I make a difference. I also want to be home with my growing boy. I love my son so much and I’ve wasted a lot of time at work. I am stressed all the time -wondering if I am making the right decision. I feel guilty to step away from critical care since I’ve done it my whole career. Is anyone else experiencing this or have experienced a clash between home life and nursing career?