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desfwi43 has 8 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. Advent Health University FNP Fall 2022

    I am not. I was accepted and had hopes of transferring from my current NP Program as I was moving back to Florida and I read they assist with clinical placement (current school does not do placement). I elected to not transfer when I was told they wo...
  2. Clarkson College MSN FNP Fall 2021

    Congrats! I still have one more year to go; I am starting my first clinical next week. Some classes are more difficult than others and require more studying, but it is very doable (I've been taking three classes a semester rather than the normal sche...
  3. Hello, Anyone out there currently in AHU’s FNP program or graduated? How do/did you like the program? How about anyone that is applying? I can’t be the only one! 😅
  4. University of West Florida MSN FNP Fall 2021

    Congrats! I was placed on the alternate list as well. I’m a Florida resident, but husband is military so we’re currently living in a different state and I was admitted to a local brick and mortar a few weeks ago that I have already accepted. So it ...
  5. Clarkson College MSN FNP Fall 2021

    Bump. I just received my admission e-mail and accepted the spot for this Fall!! Anyone else get accepted at Clarkson College? I’m so excited to start and would love to connect with future classmates! ?
  6. UTEP FNP Fall 2021

    Hello everyone! I was invited for an interview for UTEP’s FNP program this week! Anyone else out there get an invite? Any current students out there have any tips for this interview as far as what types of questions are asked? I just want...
  7. Clarkson College MSN FNP Fall 2021

    Hello everyone! Anyone out there applied for Clarkson College’s MSN FNP program for Fall 2021? Also, is anyone currently enrolled in their program? If so, how is the program? How far along are? What are your thoughts?
  8. Hello everyone, I have finished up my application for the University of West Florida's MSN FNP program for Fall 2021. Talked with my advisor today who is going to forward on my completed application. I haven't seen any posts about UWF Fall 2021 ...
  9. Research Nursing, my experience

    Hello all, Research nursing is a hidden gem that I don't feel like many nurses know about in general, or what we actually do. I see a lot of the same questions that get asked. I am going to try the best I can to help shed some light as I was in the s...