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  1. Veronica P

    Cna question

    Hi, I was wondering what CNA program you're going into? I, myself am also in the process of trying to find other programs as many of the programs near me require being physically in class and overlap with my current schedule for school. I see there are a lot of online CNA programs but am not sure if they are legit/ accredited
  2. Veronica P

    CNA Online programs/ training

    Hi to all. I have been thinking about becoming a CNA to get hands-on experience including getting exposed to patient-care. I was not able to start my volunteer program at Sutter Hospital through my school due to COVID as well as being busy within the Summer taking 3 pre-reqs. I was able to acquire a few remote volunteering jobs, but training as a CNA has been my main priority. I was wondering if there are any legit, accredited CNA online programs that I may enroll in. There are a few CNA programs near me, but most coincide with my schedule this fall and require being in class. Anything helps :')
  3. I currently go to Sacramento State for school and have repeated 5 courses within my pre-reqs and co-reqs. One of them I have withdrawn from, so it should not be on record. So far as the school/ nursing program sees, it's 4. The pre-reqs I had to retake was A&P I, stats, psych, nutrition, and english as I had personal things going on. I didn't fail but received D's in them. Now that I have taken them again, I received A's the second attempt. The only one left to retake is nutrition along with microbio next semester. I know all nursing programs are different as to what they require, especially their point system. Also, I am fully aware that this may set me back and deem me ineligible, as to which I am considering majoring in health science and going through accelerated nursing programs. Please let me know what you all think. As I know it is up to me what to do, I would still love feedback. Thanks.