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Magnolia11 has 8 years experience and specializes in CRRN.

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  1. RN/Doctor Relationship

    OK thanks a lot you don't know how much easier you made my life! Stay healthy and best wishes??
  2. RN/Doctor Relationship

    Thanks for your aye vote, you don't think the doctor would be uncomfortable? because I wouldn't want that to happen?
  3. RN/Doctor Relationship

    Hi, is it OK to be the patient of a doctor you know really well professionally but are not currently working around? I am much older than this doctor, never romantically involved and am having a hard time finding an in network PCP. Would he feel ...
  4. Question for In Hospital Nurse Educator

    Thank you I am gleaning really good ideas from everyone, everybody has contributed something unique, thanks again. Robin
  5. Question for In Hospital Nurse Educator

    Thank you all very much, that is exactly the kind of information I was looking for, I wondered about 1-2 hour in services, but staff already hate having to come in for mandatory meetings so I figured that probably wouldn't go over real well. I like t...
  6. Question for In Hospital Nurse Educator

    Thank you for responding?
  7. Question for In Hospital Nurse Educator

    Hi, this may not be the right place, but can't seem to find any more suitable. I am a CRRN working at an inpatient rehabilitation hospital and will be transitioning to a nurse educator role, so I will be dealing with everything with all nurses/techs...
  8. Bored after 3 months?

    Hi, I don't mean to be unkind and I agree with most of the comments to you that have been made here, except that I don't know that job hopping is as frowned upon as it used to be. But are you sure you really know what you want to do? If you are a ...
  9. New grad starting in two weeks

    I assume you will be in orientation for a length of time? If so that is the time to get all your questions answered, ALL of them. In the meantime bone up on neuro in general so you will have a good idea of the kind of patients you will be seeing an...
  10. Are there any nurse educators working in the in-patient rehab hospital setting out there? If so, please respond I have some questions for you, thanks very much in advance, I really need some input, Magnolia