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brownm27 has 4 years experience and specializes in Pediatric Home Health.

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  1. brownm27

    Job Offer, need advice

    Hi all, I recently verbally accepted a position at a big hospital. We went over my job description, pay, schedule and benefits and I received an email with the job offer without all the details. Next, I went through and started the background check, had a drug screening, set up an occupational medicine appt, and got my new employee login for the hospital. I have my orientation start date as well. The offer letter was supposed to come 2 business days later, but it has been 4 business days. I understand covid is delaying processes, but I need to give my current employer my resignation by the end of this week. My second dilemma is that another hospital offered me two separate positions and wants an answer by tomorrow. I want the first job I verbally committed to, but do not want to be in a position where I lose it and am back to square one. Any advice?
  2. Hi all, Just accepted my first position inpatient after working in Pediatric Home Care for 4 years. The position is on a med/surg oncology unit (more medical) and I start in October. This is a whole new world for me (switching from peds home care to adult inpatient oncology) and though very excited, I am also super nervous. I went into nursing to pursue oncology after my dad lost his fight at a young age, so to be offered this position is an honor and one I cannot wait to start. Any advice would be great on what to expect and what I could read up on to prepare myself. Also, any materials I could use during my orientation phase to help me better navigate and organize my patient load as now I am going from 1:1 to 1:4. 😊
  3. brownm27

    Transitioning out of Home Care Nursing

    Thank you so much for your helpful tips! I am going to use them after one last ditch effort to get around this. I have been reaching out to nurses who work at the hospital and friends of relatives who have family members who work on the backend to see if there is a way to bypass this issue. It is really unfortunate because the position I interviewed for is my dream position within my dream healthcare system. It is super discouraging though and starting to feel like I will be trapped in home care forever :(
  4. Hi, I currently work in Pediatric Home Care and have been trying for about a year now to get a position in the hospital. It has been extremely difficult and is starting to feel like an impossible mission. I have gotten to the end during the hiring process twice and was declined due to my company having a policy against giving references. Currently, I am a strong final candidate for a position on an oncology unit, but once again the references are an issue. I have 5 references (3 nurses and 2clients). My issue is is that most hospitals want a manager or supervisor as a reference. The hospital currently is bending the rules for me, but suggested I get charge nurses instead (we do not have those at my company). I am feeling extremely defeated. I have worked in home care my entire nursing career and want so badly to gain experience and progress in my skills. Has anyone ever been in a similar situation and how did you overcome it?