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brownm27 has 6 years experience and specializes in Pediatric Home Health.

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  1. Job Offer, need advice

    Hi all, I recently verbally accepted a position at a big hospital. We went over my job description, pay, schedule and benefits and I received an email with the job offer without all the details. Next, I went through and started the background c...
  2. New to Oncology / First Inpatient Job

    Hi all, Just accepted my first position inpatient after working in Pediatric Home Care for 4 years. The position is on a med/surg oncology unit (more medical) and I start in October. This is a whole new world for me (switching from peds hom...
  3. Transitioning out of Home Care Nursing

    Just wanted to thank everyone who has replied to this thread for their advice. I took it all and explained as best as I could to HR about the dynamics of home care. Happy to say that I was offered the position talked about above and start in October...
  4. Transitioning out of Home Care Nursing

    Thank you so much for your helpful tips! I am going to use them after one last ditch effort to get around this. I have been reaching out to nurses who work at the hospital and friends of relatives who have family members who work on the backend to s...
  5. Transitioning out of Home Care Nursing

    They have a policy against it. The office I work out of is ran by managers and then an office director. All have said no, not because of my work but because of this policy the company has. The only reliable references I can get are from field nurs...
  6. New Grad struggling to land hospital job!! Advice needed!

    CONGRATS! Please think this over long and hard. I am currently a Peds Home Health nurse that started straight from nursing school and it has been a struggle trying to get a job in a hospital. Most places are concerned with how a home health nurse w...
  7. Hi, I currently work in Pediatric Home Care and have been trying for about a year now to get a position in the hospital. It has been extremely difficult and is starting to feel like an impossible mission. I have gotten to the end during the hiring ...