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  1. NewPathForMe

    NJCU ABSN 2022

    Yes I am applying. Along with few other schools. NJCU is my top choice since its close to home. Have you submitted everything? Im still trying to figure out what to write the personal statement on and have to take the HESI but have been reviewing. I ...
  2. NewPathForMe

    Rutgers Newark ABSN Spring 2022

    Does anyone have experience re-applying? I did not get in for Spring 2022, which I had a feeling was a long shot since I still had a class in progress. I would like to apply for Summer 2022 start, but it does not let me change existing application or...
  3. NewPathForMe

    Rutgers Newark ABSN Spring 2022

    I think I pieced together the whole Rutgers application debacle. Please correct me if I am wrong. If you are a current Rutgers student or have a Rutgers NetID your application is different and it has an area to upload additional documents including B...
  4. NewPathForMe

    Rutgers Newark ABSN Spring 2022

    Does anyone have any idea why they extended the application deadlines? Are they not getting enough applicants? Also does anyone know how many applicants they accept? I heard they were accepting twice as many as previous years at Newark since they hav...
  5. NewPathForMe

    Letters of Recommendations!?!?!

    At what point do we ask for a letters of recommendation? I have only been taking a class a semester because I am working full time, have 3 prerequisites left will be done this fall. It seems weird to ask a professor a 2 semesters later when im ready ...
  6. NewPathForMe

    ABSN vs Traditional BSN

    Looking for insight. I have a previous bachelors degree in Communications, and Im finishing up nursing prereqs now. My original plan was to apply to ABSN programs that finish between 12-16 months. However, now I am thinking if possible can I just tra...
  7. NewPathForMe

    ABSN Programs - Portage

    Rutgers NJ does I asked them