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ScarletPixie has 23 years experience and specializes in Trauma/ Emergency.

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  1. ScarletPixie

    new job, can I be denied job for benzo PRN

    You don’t need a letter. The prescription itself shows medical necessity. Of course the benzo will show up but the medical review officer will call you afterwards, ask if you are on any medications, the name of the pharmacy etc. You’ll give him the prescription number and he’ll call and verify that it’s a legal prescription and that’s all you have to do it’s really no big deal. The only way being on it could hurt you is if you took it and you were impaired at work. Good luck! 🌹Scarlet
  2. ScarletPixie

    RN's required to be sitters???

    I used to be frustrated by these things too, but with time comes experience and honestly fatigue. I don’t like to diminish the job of sitters and say think of it as a vacation, but if you get a patient that sleeps, you can get some reading in. When I worked in the ICU I had a sitter for a detox patient. I was in my other room with a pt circling the drain that was in DIC. I was following the rapid infusion protocol. So I was relying on my sitter to let me know if anything happened with my detox guy. When I finally got in there I pulled down his blanked to change over his alcohol gtt and he had pulled out his central line while the sitter sat not 18inches from his bed! She said “he did it under the blankets, how was I supposed to know!” (By keeping his hands in sight at all time! He has horrible veins, was an IVDA, and that central line was all we had) I call the intensivist and start putting in a central line, of course he starts seizing while we are putting in the line, so I put in an IO, give Ativan, Md finally gets the line and the point of this story? All of this could have been prevented if I have had an awesome RN floated from another department. Don’t think of it at a diss, just put your feet up, and make sure that pt is safe for 12 hours. 🌹Scarlet

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