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amahucka has 5 years experience and specializes in FNP/Cardiology.

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    Resigning from first NP job...

    I was hired to work as a General Cardiology NP in the hospital where I worked as a RN. I started March 30th and then was furloughed 3 weeks into my orientation. After 3 weeks I was asked if I would return to the hospital to work as a RN in my former department (a procedural position) to get electives up and running again. 8 NPs and PAs were furloughed at that same time and I was the last hired. Because I was unsure as to how long the furlough would last I started looking around and applying for other jobs. And, I was just offered an AMAZING position that is 13K above my current NP salary. How many weeks notice do I have to give to resign? Is this information I can find from HR? I can't find it in my contract. Any tips, suggestions or comments? Thanks!

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