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  1. PA BON recent experiences

    Has anyone had any recent experience with the PA BON. I start a new job in Feb 1. And my school is sending out my transcripts today. I feel like I have a lot of time to get my TPP and even take the NCLEX but I have heard in the news that the board is...
  2. PA BON Requirements

    Hi guys, I know im kinda late to this forum haha, but do you know if I need to send a Nursing Education Verification form if I am out of state? The instuctions on the application for the out of state graduate says only the official but im confused.
  3. I am hispanic so I have two last names. On my Pearson VUE account it only appears my fist name and one of my last names. Has anyone had to change their name and how did that process go? I would appreciate the guidance especially if its from someone i...
  4. PA Graduate Registered Nurse Permit HELP

    I am out of state so my university doesn’t really know?
  5. PA Graduate Registered Nurse Permit HELP

    Can someone help me figure out where do I send the oficial transcript to the board. All the information they say is that my university has to send the transcripts directly to them. But my university only sends transcripts to an email or an address an...
  6. Applying for RN license in Pennsylvania

    Hi, I just recently accepted a job in PA. I graduate in December and the job starts in February. I am from Puerto Rico so I don't know a lot about applying for a licenses in the states. Can I begin applying to the BON before I graduate or do I have t...
  7. I submitted mine on the 22 and I haven’t received the phone screen invitation yet. I applied for Dallas and Fort Worth , acute care, OR and critical care
  8. I graduate December 2020 and I am looking to get a license in Maryland. I hopefully want to get everything done by Feb 2021, but the earliest date to take the TOEFL test is in December. Do I need anything else besides the TOEFL when applying for the ...
  9. Suburban Hospital MD

    Thats great! Thank you so much for your help!
  10. Johns Hopkins Nurse Residency 2021

    Me! Do you when is the ideal time when we should start applying?
  11. Virginia Hospital Center new grad residency

    Congratulations! That’s great! What unit did you apply to?
  12. Virginia Hospital Center new grad residency

    I applied a couple of days ago and I haven’t heard back yet.
  13. Suburban Hospital MD

    I applied to Suburban Hospital for a new grad position and got an interview. I am out of state so I don’t know anything about the hospital or the area. Can anyone tell me if it is a good hospital to work in and if the pay and benefits any good?
  14. Hi, im going to do my video interview today, I applied yesterday, and I feel like I applied so late there are not going to be many positions left?Anyways good luck to everyone!
  15. DEC 2020 GRAD... HELP

    Hi, I graduate this December and I wanted to know when is the best time to start applying to new grad jobs and residency. I also want to know how was your experience getting hired and how long did it take? Thank you all for your help. I appreciate it...