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  1. Newgradgio

    PA Graduate Registered Nurse Permit HELP

    I am out of state so my university doesn’t really know😂
  2. Can someone help me figure out where do I send the oficial transcript to the board. All the information they say is that my university has to send the transcripts directly to them. But my university only sends transcripts to an email or an address and the board doesn't provide one on their website.
  3. Hi, I just recently accepted a job in PA. I graduate in December and the job starts in February. I am from Puerto Rico so I don't know a lot about applying for a licenses in the states. Can I begin applying to the BON before I graduate or do I have to send in my diploma and transcripts to apply?
  4. I submitted mine on the 22 and I haven’t received the phone screen invitation yet. I applied for Dallas and Fort Worth , acute care, OR and critical care
  5. Newgradgio

    Suburban Hospital MD

    Thats great! Thank you so much for your help!
  6. Newgradgio

    Suburban Hospital MD

    I applied to Suburban Hospital for a new grad position and got an interview. I am out of state so I don’t know anything about the hospital or the area. Can anyone tell me if it is a good hospital to work in and if the pay and benefits any good?