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  1. lucyrdgz

    HELP! Don't know what to do.

    So helpful!! Will definitely start doing my research, and get this process going. Thank you!
  2. lucyrdgz

    HELP! Don't know what to do.

    No, I wasn't told what my next steps were, and then I had a big move, so I never furthered my research. Should that be my next step?
  3. Hello nurses and students! I'm new here, and I have a question regarding my next steps. A little background: I attended a community college and got my AA in Nursing. I received NO HELP afterwards of what my next steps are. Fast forward, 3 years later I'm still just an AA in Nursing degree holder. I don't know what to do, what to apply to, and if I can get my bachelors in Nursing before doing my NCLEX? I'm really confused and I'm interested in furthering my education and passion in nursing.

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