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    UST BSN FALL 2020

    Hello Nathan, Congratulations for your decision of pursing nursing career. Program is very rigerous as it should be for any ABSN program of this nature. Clinical posting would be any day, any time as per hospital's need or availibility. When you would be working 2 straight days in 24 hr shift, how do you plan on attending zoom meetings or online labs or any other activities? School has strict policy about not being able to attend zoom or labs while on job as it indicates poor integrity (Kind of stealing from employer while studying for yourself). That said, If you have ability work our PM or night shifts, I think you can make it work. But question would, when would you work, do assignemnt, study?? By no means it is an easy task. All the best with what you decide. Thank you for your services in Armed Forces.
  2. Hello members, Greetings! I am currently pursuing my RN, BSN at UST. It is an accelerated program. I will graduate in Aug 2021. I intend to pursue FNP after I graduate with my BSN. I have a few questions and seek suggestions from senior/experienced/knowledgeable nurses/members. I already hold Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate in other healthcare field (All 3 in the field of Physical Therapy). I have been a Physical Therapist for 13 years. This is a career change that was long overdue. I understand it is an inflammatory topic and I do not want to step on anyone's toes here. I want the fastest route, I am not asking for low-quality schoolwork either. My objective is to get my FNP at the earliest, online coursework preferred with local clinical placement. I know of only 1 school offering 1 year fulltime FNP post-BSN. Do you guys know of any school that considers masters in other field and lets one join post master's certificate FNP program with RN, BSN? I do not want another master's degree unless I must. I have done a lot of schooling and I am getting old and want to save some time and money both. I sincerely appreciate all your assistance and other advice. Thank you
  3. RNtoFNPAspirant

    UST BSN FALL 2020

    Hello Future Nurses, Aug 17th is Orientation day for ABSN full time student. Who is offered to be part of this Cohort in this group please? Please do advise. Thank you