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    AORN Periop101

    I have experience as a Periop 101 student as well as an administrator and now I work for AORN helping facilities understand and implement Periop 101! Let me know if you want to chat about it!
  2. JamieRN2007

    Introductions: New-grad RN/OR nurse

    So I'm not alone? HA! I worked for 3 years as a PCA on CRAZY med-surg unit, graduated from nursing school, and now I'm in an OR internship at the same hospital where I was a PCA. I so love my job! That's the beauty of nursing-- There are so many options to suit all different kinds of people. A few problems I'm running into are other nursing staff both from my old unit, and from the OR. The nurses from the med-surg unit think my decision was a "stupid" one because they say I'll "lose my skills". What if I never want to be a floor nurse... EVER?!? They said that it's wrong to go to a specialty like the OR without at least 2 years as a floor nurse. Now for the other side-- The OR at my hospital is going through a bit of management transition. A lot of the staff have pulled me aside telling me that staffing is horrible, managers don't care about the nurses, and that everyone is quitting because it's so bad. They're telling us (nurse interns) that we're nuts to even want to be in a place like that. I don't see it, but then again, maybe we're in our own little intern-world! Is anyone else running into this? I would love to hear from new grads in the OR as well as not-so-new nurses! Something to think about-- Do you think the older nurses encourage 2 years on the floor before going to the OR because they feel like we need to "do time" there because they had to? I'm curious to hear everyone's opinions! THANKS!

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