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  1. UIW Spring 2021

    Sorry to hear that Renvee; reapply! And did you got it by mail or email ? I havent heard anything from them not even a call for interview but got a scholarship. ?
  2. UIW Spring 2021

    Hey guys sorry for the late reply. I've been so busy and also been sick , I thought I have Covid but thank god it was just allergies. @Mimzmac I took it again and got an 80. I'm glad I took that chance to take it as I wasnt going to. ...
  3. UIW Spring 2021

    Im sorry to hear that, are you OK now ? And yes God is good! I struggled with reading and science. English is not my primary also. I'm worried I might not get in to the program ?. I really want to start asap and I really don't want to take the TEAS ...
  4. UIW Spring 2021

    Yes , I scored 66 ? but going to retake it this 30th. My brain is already fried between the Spring classes , CNA school and this TEAS.
  5. UIW Spring 2021

    Hey guys anyone applying to UIW for the Spring 2021 TBSN ? Was wondering with Covid will there still be more applicants and do yall know someone who got in with a 3.0 GPA ?