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  1. I am a 26 y/o female. I am currently in my 2nd semester of nursing school. Classes are online via zoom due to covid except for clinicals. I have scoliosis and today I found out I need back surgery to correct it as my curve got much worse. The recovery for such a huge surgery would be 4-6 weeks minimum for desk work type activities, which clinicals obviously are not. If I wait to get the surgery until after graduation I delay my employment opportunities and Ya girl needs to be bringing in a paycheck once she graduates. If I do the surgery within the next 3 months, I can do most of my required work because nursing school is mostly online due to covid but would not be able to do as much in clinicals as other students. I'm not sure how accommodating or understanding my college would be to that, but I am going to ask. If I heal like a typical patient, theoretically I could still show up, just wouldn't be able to lift patients or chase patients down the hall, but could pass meds do dressing changes and start and hang IVs as well as most of a patient admission assessment. I'm a CNA at the hospital so its not like I have no relevant experience, and by the time I graduate I should be healed enough to start working as a floor nurse right away. What would you do? Wait till graduation, or go ahead and get the surgery?
  2. Laura H

    Polk State College Spring 2021

    Do ya'll know if they will be sending out a mailed letter or an email for acceptance/ denial?