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mnguyen has 4 years experience and specializes in Critical Care PACU/ICU.

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  1. mnguyen

    Canadian New Grad trying to get to Michigan

    Hi Katie! I'm sorry I won't be much help as I'm trying to do the same thing but for California. I might have to go through another state to get endorsed. My husband was actually born in Michigan and so I might think about getting licensed there. As you already have a green card, do you have to go through the Visa Screen process or just the CES process through CGFNS? Wish you luck on your registration and NCLEX! Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! I am a critical care nurse in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at a Level 1 Trauma Center. My husband just moved to California to start medical school. I am hoping to obtain a license in California but not totally sure how to do so. I'm hoping to work in the South Bay area. We are in the process of obtaining my US Green card and will apply as soon as I have my SSN in hand. I have completed the NCLEX. I've looked into CBRN, and it looks like I have to complete Licensure by Endorsement. I'm just not sure if I will need a CGFNS Visa screen or CES Professional Report. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!

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