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  1. Lauren Le

    Test shut off at 60, "Bad Pop-Up".... Still Passed

    The NCLEX is a difficult and confusing test. When I was waiting for my results I could go back and forth in my head about whether I was sure I passed or failed. SATA's are generally considered higher level questions, along with prioritization and delegation, so that's reassuring to hear that you had a lot of them on your test. I think, deep down inside, you should know whether you passed or not. To me, it was a gut feeling I had that was only doubted when I tried the PVT. Fingers are crossed for you, I hope you get your results and see that you passed!
  2. Lauren Le

    Test shut off at 60, "Bad Pop-Up".... Still Passed

    Thank you! And the pop up said that my payment was declined and I needed to contact my cc company. I tried it with an invalid cvv and then an invalid expiration date just to make sure I was doing it right, and got that pop up both times. I was devastated to say the least. I had heard about the PVT being wrong for people who ran out of time or got the maximum number of questions, but not for people like me who got shut off at 60. I honestly wish that the PVT trick wasn't advertised as much as it is, because I really don't know how valid it is!
  3. Lauren Le

    Pre Nurse

    It's definitely the cheaper option, so in the long run it is probably the best option! I don't think there is any wrong place to complete your pre-req's. However, I would advise that you check whatever university/college you plan on applying for nursing school at. I know that the program I graduated from gave precedence to students who completed their pre-req's at the actual university! Knowing that, I would just figure out the best path for you personally. There is no wrong way to attain your degree! Best of luck in the future 🙂
  4. Lauren Le

    NCLEX Pearson vue bad pop up

    You sound like you did what was necessary to prepare! I was in the same boat as you in regards to nursing school- I wasn't exactly the best student but I wasn't terrible either. I thought my questions were easy, and due to the bad pop-up and the scary posts on this website, I was convinced that I wasn't in the "higher" level questions. Obviously that turned out to be wrong. Just believe that the questions were easier because you were prepared! Fingers crossed!
  5. Lauren Le

    NCLEX Pearson vue bad pop up

    I took my NCLEX yesterday and got the bad PVT when I went home. Mine shut off in 60 questions so you could say I was devastated all day after my test, especially after getting the "bad pop up". Woke up this morning and I had passed. Please do not believe the pop up. Trust yourself and how you feel about the test. Think logically about how well you did based on how you prepared, how you were as a student in nursing school, and the types of questions you were getting. The NCLEX is a confusing and difficult test, and you can spend hours in your own head going back and forth. Keep your head up, nothing is certain, and I'm sending positivity your way!
  6. Lauren Le

    Passed NCLEX/Bad popup - My story and some advice

    Same exact thing happened to me! 60 questions, bad pop up, passed! The anxiety is just not worth it.... CONGRATS!!
  7. Lauren Le

    Just took the NCLEX, what are the odds I passed in 60?

    I did, unfortunately, try the PVT. I got the bad popup and spent the rest of yesterday inconsolable. I checked this morning and I passed!! I have to now apologize to my parents for the mess I was last night!!
  8. I sat for my NCLEX yesterday, and my test shut off at the minimum. I broke down into tears when this happened, not because I thought I failed, but because of the relief of the test being over, mixed with the terror that I could do nothing else but wait. If you would have asked me how I felt leaving the test center, I would have said I felt worried but almost positive that I passed. Knowing me- knowing where I graduated from and the amount of preparation I did, I would have been floored if I had been failed in 60 questions. Now this is where I made a series of mistakes. I began googling things I wasn't sure about, looking on forums and blogs to see if anyone could give me comfort regarding the NCLEX. The more I searched, the more I doubted myself. Then came the dreaded (or beloved) PVT. I followed the directions perfectly, and got a bad popup. I slammed my computer shut and became overcome with anxiety and dread. I started overthinking everything, trying to figure out how I could have been failed in 60 question. To me, it didn't make any sense. But to everyone else on the internet, it was the gold standard of finding out if you passed or failed the test. The remainder of the day was the worst, most anxiety ridden day of my life. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, and even now I still feel sick to my stomach. I woke up this morning and checked my state's BON. And sure enough, my name was there. I PASSED. I know people swear by the PVT, but it is not 100% accurate, I am a testament to that. Please save yourself the anxiety and refrain from doing it. I wish I never had. That 'trick' led me to doubt myself and my abilities, when otherwise I would have still been nervous but I would have been confident that I did well. If you do get the bad pop-up, don't let it define how you view your NCLEX. Logically think through everything you had done in school, how you prepared and answered practice questions. If you are confident in your abilities, then a glitch in a website should not determine how you did on your NCLEX.
  9. So two months after my "graduation", I finally took my NCLEX. I wanted to take it sooner, but I ended up getting jaw surgery in May. In order to give myself enough time to recover from surgery and prepare for NCLEX, I scheduled it for today (July 13th). As soon as I felt normal after surgery I started studying (about 30 days prior to my test date). My university had used ATI during nursing school, and while I appreciate the large amount of practice questions, I felt that I needed a more comprehensive review. I asked around and finally decided on Hurst. I spent one day on each subject, going through and taking my own notes while watching the lecture videos online. After finishing a subject, I would take the provided quiz and then 4 more practice quizzes, both to test my comprehension of the information I just watched and to get more familiar with NCLEX questions/rationales. I did this every day for 30 days (in the beginning I took a few extra days off in between each subject, or spread the 'heavier' topics out over a few days instead of one) and ended up finishing all the lecture videos with 7 days left before my test. I took all four exam simulations (I took the first one before moving to the specialty topic lectures, but I just wanted to see where I stood) and got scores of 72, 84, 88, and 94 (the last three were done after I had finished all the content). The days before my test I took practice quizzes, both on Hurst and ATI, and read rationales. I took the NCLEX today and I felt that the questions weren't as confusing/vague as I expected them to be. Although I did have a tough time choosing my answer after narrowing it down to two, I felt I got questions with content I was familiar with. The test shut off at question 60 and I immediately broke down into tears. While I felt that I definitely got some of the questions right, there were majority in which it was a 50/50 shot between two answers and I just went with my gut and what I remember from the practice questions I did. Basically I am having a hard time staying positive. I know its either a really good or really bad thing if your test shuts off at the minimum, and with the amount of questions I was 50/50 on, I can't help but think I ended up choosing the wrong answer. What would you say my odds are of seeing my name on my state board license page tomorrow?

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